McDonald’s fans confused by ‘expired’ Monopoly tickets one day after game launch

Customers buying food from McDonald’s have been left confused after spotting that their Monopoly tickets “expired” months ago – even though the game only launched yesterday.

The burger chain launched its popular competition to much excitement after it was re-scheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Maccies fans are in the running to bag big prizes if they find the right collection of tickets – or they can nab small gifts like free fries and desserts on the day.

The game first launched in 2005 and ever since customers have collected the Monopoly tiles to win goodies.

But, as foodies tore into their Monopoly tickets today they were worried that they were already out of the game as their winning tickets had expiry dates from three months ago.

On foodie tweeted: “So when putting the codes in McDonalds are we also meant to buy a time machine?”

The expiry dates have been changed, but tickets do not reflect this

Another commented: “Bought a Maccies today but the VIP stickers expired months ago what’s that about.”

While another woman said: “Am I being dumb or has McDonald’s legit just played me… ordered breakfast this morning and the monopoly just started today. I’m thinking cool free stuff I look at the expiry date on the stickers two are already out of date and one goes out on Monday!”

But, don’t worry, McDonald’s has given a statement assuring customers that the tickets are still valid despite the dates printed on them.

As the tickets were initially printed before the competition was delayed the stickers are still labelled with the old dates.

Customers should note that pieces which show a “play until” date of May 4, 2021 will actually be valid until October 5, 2021.

You'll still be able to bag a free chips or maybe even a holiday
You’ll still be able to bag a free chips or maybe even a holiday

We’ve listed all the new expiry dates to keep in mind below…

  • Collect to win non-food prizes: old date June 4, 2021, new date November
  • 11, 2021
  • Collect to win food prizes: old date May 18, 2021, new date October 19,
  • 2021
  • Instant win non-food prize or discount: old date June 4, 2021, new date
  • November 5, 2021
  • Instant win food or Just Eat vouchers: old date May 18, 2021, new date
  • October 19, 2021
  • Instant win discount voucher (excluding Just Eat) old date, August 31,
  • 2021 or earlier, new date January 31, 2022
  • Online game: old date May, 5, 2021, new date October 15, 2021

Prizes this year include up to £100,000 in cash, an Ibiza holiday, a £1,000 voucher for home entertainment and a hot tub.

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