McDonald’s Has Fired its Worker Who Took Revenge on a Rude Customer

A McDonald’s worker has revealed they were sacked after getting the most savage revenge on a rude customer who ordered a caramel McFlurry

It’s absolutely no secret that people are rude to people in the service industry far too often, whether it’s bar staff, waiting staff or servers at your local McDonald’s.

People are taught that customer is always right, when in reality, we all know that’s far from being the truth – just ask anyone who’s ever worked in hospitality.

So, if we’re being honest, we can imagine just how fed up one McDonald’s worker must have been feeling, after being greeted by rude customer after rude customer, while being paid just £6.20 ($8.50) per hour.

Taking to TikTok, the fast food employee, who goes by the handle @mcdanksbitch, revealed how they got the perfect savage revenge on a rude customer.

“When the customer has an attitude but you remember you only make 8.50 an hour,” they wrote, alongside a clip of themselves pouring sweet and sour sauce over the top of a McFlurry instead of caramel. Yep, told you it was savage.

“This is why everyone should be kind to everyone, no matter what,” one TikTok user commented, while another added: “Friendly reminder that fast food workers have feelings too.”

A third added: “Never mess with the people who make your food!”

However, it seems like the savage plan backfired for the mystery Maccies worker, as they later shared a follow up clip revealing they’d been sacked from the fast food chain.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you did it,” they wrote. “You got me fired. Bye McB****s. What’s next?”

It goes without saying that you should absolutely not do this, because people have all kinds of different food allergies which could cause them serious harm.


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