McDonald’s lover reveals tip for improving a Big Mac in seconds just using the middle bun

Jonathan Massaad says his fail-proof ‘hack’ revolutionises the ‘meat to sauce ratio’ and some fans who have been doing it for years were thrilled to learn they’re not alone

Baker’s simple hack to ‘improve’ the taste of a McDonald’s Big Mac


A McDonald’s addict has shared his instant ‘hack’ for improving a Big Mac – and while some fans are lovin’ it, others are just plain cheesed off.

Jonathan Massaad, a baker from Sydney, claims you can improve the taste of the burger in seconds by simply removing the top bun and replacing it with the middle one.

Sharing his findings on his Instagram page Cakemail, the 22-year-old flips over the middle bun, which is covered on one side with Big Mac sauce – and in a landmark moment for food science says this ups the ‘meat to sauce ratio’.

“Take the top bun off, get the middle and flip it,” the Australian said.

Jonathan Massaad says you can improve the burger in seconds by simply removing the top bun and replacing it with the middle one


“Now your meat and sauce ratio is a lot better because this bun has no sauce – and now this has all the sauce.”

He captioned the video: “The best Big Mac hack ever. Who has tried this before?”

The unusual suggestion has divided the Maccie D’s faithful, with some stunned by the saucy tip and others left with a chip on their shoulder.

“What a great idea!” one supporter said, while another wrote: “Oh my god, this is amazing how did I not know until now?”

However, critics said Jonathan could just have asked for extra sauce, arguing that the hack wasted food.

“Yes but it beats the purpose of the three-layered bun,” one reasonably noted.

Others said they had been doing this for years and were thrilled to know they were no longer alone in the universe.

“That’s old school I’ve been doing it since I was a kid,” a fan wrote.

“I thought I was the only one in the world who did this!” said one follower, while another added: “I’ve been doing this hack for years. Now I want a Big Mac.”

In more tragic takeaway news, a woman demanded her money back from McDonald’s after she dropped her meal on the floor on her way home, it has been claimed.

One Mumsnet user wrote: “I was in McDonald’s today and a woman came in to complain to the manager that her food had dropped on the floor yesterday and was demanding her money back, she said it happened on the way home.

“I was amazed someone would actually come back the following day to complain about that, has anyone else heard of a more ridiculous complaint?”

And Domino’s have teased a rather divisive ‘low-carb’ option that could certainly keep the pounds off – a watermelon base pizza.

Sharing the recipe on TikTok and Instagram, the chain filmed an employee putting the bizarre creation together, but hardcore fans have moaned it’s “worse than pineapples on pizza”.

The takeaway favourite got the idea from UK cook Oliver Paterson, whose video of pizza on a watermelon was viewed more than three million times on TikTok.

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