McDonald’s worker shows Monopoly stickers get ripped up to stop ‘cheating’

A McDonald’s worker has filmed Monopoly stickers being destroyed in a bowl of hot soapy water and says it is to stop people “cheating”.

McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 launched on August 25 and finished on Tuesday (October 5) and excited Maccies fans checked their stickers for prizes – such as a holiday in Ibiza or even a £100,000 cash prize.

There were also smaller prizes like a gold card for a year of free meals and one-off milkshakes and other treats.

Prizes can still be claimed and so one McDonald’s worker says the extra stickers on the packaging that were not bought before October 5 have to be destroyed.

The boxes with stickers were put in soapy water

In a clip she uploaded on her @devonwestx TikTok account, Devon shows a coworker putting the boxes and their stickers in soapy water to destroy them.

“What we have to do on the last day of Monopoly with spare boxes so nobody goes through the bins and takes all the Monopoly stickers,” she writes in the caption.

The video was watched more than 1 million times and got thousands of “likes” and comments, with many viewers horrified at the thought of prizes being lost.

One said: “The winning £100,000 ticket could be on one of them and it’s just wasted.”

Someone else disputed the claims, and wrote: “As a former employee of McDonald’s this is absolutely not what happened to the leftover Monopoly boxes.”

Another commented: “Y’all don’t just continue handing them out until it’s gone?

“Cause that my McDonald’s did when I worked there. This is just unnecessary.”

This comes after McDonald’s announced a return of double Big Macs and nacho cheese wedges.

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