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About McDonald’s: It doesn’t matter wherever you on earth, there are great chances that you have had a burger from one of the world’s most famous fast-food chains which have 40,000 restaurants established in 121 countries.

It’s most likely that you will stop at Macdonald’s if you are hungry. Quick fact- there are more than 100 million people whose first choice is a McDonald’s burger. The ever-rising popularity has made this fast food retail chain the second largest after Subway.

Know More About McDVoice Survey

With its increasing number of eateries situated in about all nations on the planet, McDonald’s thinks that it’s critical to give their regular customers total satisfaction, delicious food, better services, sitting place, all other services which make the McDonald’s chain so extraordinary and favored by millions.

On account of McDonald’s survey, clients can inform what they think about McDonald’s services. The earlier you do this the better. This is on the grounds that customers just have the chance to voice their opinion and participate in the survey in seven days. It is essential that you participate in this survey as soon as possible within a week’s time.

Just remember your overall experience while having food at MacDonald’s and choose the answers with your best judgment.

Benefits of MCDVoice Survey

If you are considering the benefits of participating in this survey then the best answer is reward vouchers which you can redeem the next time you are willing to get a tasty burger or wrap from MacDonald’s. ┬áThe voucher code amount can give you a certain amount of cashback or even a free meal. Below, we have mentioned the requirements which you need to fulfill to participate in this survey.

Requirements for Participating in McdVoice Survey

In case you want to participate in MCD Voice Survey you must have the recent McDonald’s receipt which you got at the time. Always remember to gather the receipt each time you visit any McDonald ‘s store.

  • Presently, you need is a PC or cell phone to visit site
  • Your age must be more than 15 years of age.
  • You must be an official resident of the USA or Canada.
  • You must not be a previous employee of MacDonald’s.
  • When you start the survey, it offers you the chance to pick your preferred language to respond to the questions.
  • You can’t take more than 5 surveys in a month.

In this feedback form, it consists of related inquiries to your last visit to MacDonald’s. Your unbiased review can truly help MacDonald’s to upgrade their services, so respond with your best answer. This study won’t take over 3 minutes to finish, so give your valuable remarks to McDonald’s and have the chance to win mind-blowing rewards including cashback and free burgers.

Remember to visit the official site to read terms and conditions so that your review doesn’t become null and void. There will be a chance to visit the official site or sign up to get offers through the McDonald’s overview email list.

Steps To Participate In The McDVoice Survey

If you have read the requirements carefully mentioned above, you can proceed to the survey participation steps. The McD Voice survey takes only a few minutes to finish. Just use your best thought about the services and your experience and start answering the questions.

  • If by chance you have a McDonald’s receipt with a code, click on the link which you can see on the left of the McDonald’s survey page and fill in the code in the proper space.
  • If you don’t have a receipt with a McDVoice code, click on the link on the which you can see on the right side of the McDVoice home page.
  • Start by entering the Store # from the upper right corner of your receipt.
  • From that point onward, enter the KS#, featured in red and with ‘2’ alongside it.
  • Select your Date of Visit and your Time of Visit from the two drop-down menus.

7. Your order should be mentioned in red with number ‘5’ on the sample receipt. Submit it in the fifth field which you see.

  1. The amount which you paid for your order is in the base corner on the right side of your receipt. If it’s in decimals then use roundoff to make it a whole number.
  2. When you are prepared to start the survey, press the red Start button.
  3. Make sure to answer every single question that shows up in McDonald’s study.
  4. You will be referred to the McDonald’s services and things you ordered during your last visit to McDonald’s restaurant.
  5. When you finish the McDVoice survey, you will get the McDonald’s coupon code. Just make sure to note down this code before you close the site If you close the site before taking the code, you will not be able to get it again. Whenever you go to McDonald’s, basically present the receipt with the voucher code to get your reward.


MacDonald’s makes sure that its customers get the best services and love to take their opinion. The purpose of this survey is to reward their customers and get their honest reviews of the services and food. Participate in this survey to get rewards and make your opinion counted.

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