McKayla Maroney’s ‘Not Impressed’ NFT On Sale for $43K

Gold medal gymnast McKayla Maroney is getting in on the NFT craze by turning her infamous podium pose into a digital treasure. The Olympian is the latest star to come out with an NFT collection and chose her most famous picture for the token.

The McKayla Maroney Collection launched this week on the popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea, allowing people to bid on the official 1/1 “Not Impressed” NFT.


“In honor of the 2021 Olympic Women’s Gymnastics team wrapping up their competitions in Tokyo, I’m releasing my 1/1 Not Impressed meme. This will be the only one of its kind ever minted,” a message from Maroney read on the description of the token, which is listed for auction at an opening bid of $43,556.10. As of this posting, nobody has put in a bid, and there are five days left in the auction.

Bonus Items

Along with the minted token, the winner of McKayla Maroney’s NFT will receive some pretty cool extra prizes, including a meet and greet with the gold medal Olympian!

According to the listing, the winner will receive:

  • The original collector of this 1/1 NFT will get a free signed copy of McKayla’s book once released
  • A follow on Twitter from McKayla, to communicate.
  • A scheduled meet and greet with McKayla, and a private gymnastics lesson, or workout session to learn your skill, or hit your fitness goal of choice with the Olympic Gold Medalist herself.

Going Digital

McKayla Maroney is tumbling head-first into the NFT world and also having some of her original artwork scanned into tokens and available for purchase. So far, the star has 3 separate pieces of art listed, which are at a starting bid of around $5,000 each.

Kind Soul is inspired by a friend who struggled with depression and lost his battle, the gymnast wrote about one of her pieces, which she shared on Instagram. Maroney added, that the art is “part of my first collection of NFTs, painted by me on canvas with acrylic paint, then scanned and digitally manipulated.”


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