MCU Black Widow Hints Mutants – Is Natasha One of them?

Black Widow Hints Mutant: The Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to show mutants, but does the Black Widow subtly hint at their existence, and is Natasha one of them? My Own Film The first (and possibly only) film “Black Widow” was released in MCU level 4, which solved many problems with Natasha’s past and made many preparations for the near future.

The operation took place between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. The black widow followed Natasha, fled, and returned to Russia after a confrontation. between Captain America and the Iron Man team and got to know his Russian there. The family also met a villain named Foreman, who had close ties to Drake (Ray Winston) and the Red Room. When Black Widow died at his own expense in Avengers’ Vormir, Black Widow shut down MCU: Endgame Work completely but left some questions about it, such as Red Room. The answer to this question may introduce mutants into the MCU.

Black Widow Mutant


Long before Black Widow was released, Natasha was known to have been taken to the Red Room for training. This is a top-secret Russian training program operated by Drakes. Orphans become orphans through brainwashing, reprogramming, intense physical training, and so on. Elite killers (so-called black widows). I don’t know what Mortlake is looking for in every girl, but the way she talks about Natasha could point to something big within the MCU, a profile that made her a key contestant for the Red Room show, but it does could it be a mutation in your gene?

Among the many concepts waiting for the MCU, the characters and other fans are mutants. Although characters like Scarlet Witch and Mercury (mutants in the comics) were introduced, names were given to them. “Improved people” because Disney can’t use the word “mutation”. However, with Fox now owned by Disney, Mouse House can now use the word “mutant” but has not yet done so. to join the MCU, and Natasha could be one of them, which is why she was selected by the Black Widow Show and became one of the top assassins in the Red Room.
You can see if this is an elusive tease about the presence of mutants in the MCU, but if that’s true, it could be the main factor opening up Black Widow. When Natasha’s arc ended, Black Widow appeared too late in MCU history. But if she turns into a mutant, Drakov has chosen her, and her personal film will have an impact on the MCU and her future will have a bigger impact.

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