Mediterranean Diet Could Reduce Erectile Dysfunction, Study Finds

  • The Mediterranean diet could reduce erectile dysfunction, according to new research.
  • The diet focuses on vegetables, olive oil, and seafood, with minimal fried food, red meat, and sugar.
  • The diet can help reduce blood pressure, which in turn can boost erectile performance and testosterone.

Following the

Mediterranean diet
could reduce erectile dysfunction, new research suggests.

The Mediterranean diet consists of vegetables, legumes, seafood, olive oil, and wine in moderation, and encourages minimal consumption of processed and fried foods, red meat, refined grains, added sugars, and saturated fats.

People who eat this way can reduce their risk of erectile dysfunction, according to the new study, presented by researchers at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2021.

In the study, 250 middle aged men with an average age of 56 were asked to follow the Mediterranean diet. Their adherence to the diet was assessed, and then compared with their fitness, testosterone levels, blood flow, arterial stiffness, and erectile performance.

The researchers found that those who followed the diet most strictly had better erectile performance, blood flow, exercise capacity, higher testosterone levels, and healthier arteries than those who were less consistent.

Study author Dr. Athanasios Angelis of the University of Athens, Greece said: “While we did not examine mechanisms, it seems plausible that this dietary pattern may improve fitness and erectile performance by enhancing function of the blood vessels and limiting the fall in testosterone that occurs in midlife.”

The findings suggest that the Mediterranean diet could help maintain good quality of life and various health markers in men as they age, he said.

The Mediterranean diet improves blood flow, study suggests

Erectile dysfunction occurs when the small arteries cannot dilate which can prohibit blood flow. Symptoms often begin in middle age when testosterone levels decrease.

Men who have

(high or raised blood pressure) are twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction as men who do not.

The Mediterranean diet has previously been linked to reduced blood pressure and better cardiovascular health.


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