Meet professional ‘booty builder’ who earns fortune from clients wanting perky bums

A fitness trainer earns thousands a month by teaching his clients how to get a perky bum.

Rauve Suave’s career turned very lucrative when he ditched his dreams of becoming a professional basketball player to become a PT instead.

The 33-year-old, from Virginia Beach. Virginia, became a certified personal trainer in 2011.

Then to top up his income even further, Rauve started his own company called 4x fitness in 2013.

He’s also shot to fame on Instagram, where he has 510,000 followers on his @rauvesuave page.

The muscly man said: “Every Wednesday I would focus on building glutes as a ‘hump day’ theme.”

Rauve Suave has earned a fortune as a personal trainer
(Image: Jam Press/@rauvesuave)

Rauve continued: “I realised this gave me the most feedback and engagement so decided to further my training to help people build their bum and develop better glutes.

“I made this business model my niche rather than catering to everyone, and with my vision, it all worked out.

“Now I’m the ‘booty builder’ generating multi-millions annually.”

Thankfully, you don’t have to pay as much as his clients to get his top fitness tips.

For those looking to build and tone their behinds, Rauve has shared some advice.

The personal trainer, who now lives in Miami, Florida with his partner Niki Zoumpouli and daughter, Aria, revealed that consistency is key.

You should keep working hard at the gym instead of expecting amazing results overnight.

He said: “I never like to put a time frame on how long it would take for a body transformation because our bodies respond at different rates.

“You have to take into consideration that there any many different body styles, no two people are the same.

“The most important thing is consistency with both the nutrition, and exercise.”

Rauve Sauve
Rauve tells his clients that consistency is key when it comes to training
(Image: Jam Press/@rauvesuave)

Rauve continued: “If someone were to be consistent in these categories people notice changes happening within four to five weeks.

“Now if we are speaking about a full body transformation there’s no time I can put on that, but with consistency, you will inevitably see results.

“The key is to trust the process, and not be in a rush to obtain ‘instant results’.

“That mindset is a quick road to giving up if you don’t get the instant gratification that too many people seek.”

The personal trainer also encourages his clients to do multiple different exercises in order the stimulate muscle growth.

Rauve Sauve
Rauve has thousands of followers on social media – where he posts fitness tips
(Image: Jam Press/@rauvesuave)

Booty Builder’s top five tips for building that perfect behind

1. Train glutes three times per week max

“If you have two very intense sessions that will do but overall, you need to make sure you have well-rounded workouts that include various movements.”

2. Lift heavier weights

“When building the glutes, or muscles in general, it’s important to stick to the same training schedule and progressively overload (heavier weight) from there to achieve great results.

“The training should switch monthly to keep the muscles guessing to optimise muscle hypertrophy.

“Doing a bunch of random workouts every time you train isn’t effective.

“There needs to be a method to the madness, hopefully, this clears up why my program stays the same for a month.”

3. Stop being afraid of carbs

“Incorporate carbs in your pre and post-workout meals.

“Without carbs, it won’t grow. It’s non-negotiable. Please learn to let go of the ‘fat loss’ mindset.”

4. Eat more protein

“0.8 – 1g of protein per pound of your current body weight is a good start to sustain muscle mass.

“Adding one or two protein shakes can help achieve this daily goal.”

5. Stay consistent

“Please let go of ‘how long does this take’ mindset. It won’t happen overnight, it’s a lifestyle.

“Create a habit, and the results will Inevitably come.

“It’s all about momentum – too many people want the results without the work. What makes you think you can just cheat the process?

“I do believe in working smarter and harder, but I also don’t believe in shortcuts.”

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