Meet the only Twitch streamer subscribed to the official Twitch channel

After almost 2 weeks away from the platform, Brandon ‘Atrioc’ Ewing returned on August 17 to hang out with his community. Just 30 minutes into his stream, he dropped a bit of information regarding his former employer.

Formerly a Twitch marketing employee and current partner on the platform, Atrioc can be seen most of the time streaming under the ‘Just Chatting’ category on his channel.

While mostly staying out of the drama, the former Twitch employee was recently caught roasting Dream regarding his Minecraft cheating scandal.

On Atrioc’s stream, while ‘Just Chatting’ with his community, he claimed to be the only one subscribed to it.


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Atrioc drops some intel

During his stream, he talks about how his content creation and marketing videos have helped him with job offers that he would never take. He goes on to explain his love for his current job, but randomly changes the topic.

“Hey, that reminds me. Do you guys know that I am the only person on earth that is subbed to the official Twitch channel?”

The streamer explained further that he is the only person even capable of subbing. With a giant smile and raised voice, he added: “Nobody else on Earth is subbed to Twitch’s channel. Not even the CEO of Twitch!”

After switching to the channel and showing his 88 Month sub icon, it certainly looks like he is – in fact – subbed to the channel even though the channel does not have a ‘subscribe’ button available for regular users.

While many viewers in the chat might have doubted the former Twitch man, it does appear that he’s got the badge to prove it. Maybe in the future, they will open up that elusive subscriber button for the rest of us.

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