Meet the self-proclaimed 'mama's boy' whose mom tried to sabotage his engagement and pops up in his home unannounced

Liz, Mike, and Steph from TLC's "I Love a Mama's Boy."

  • On TLC's show "I Love a Mama's Boy," mom Liz tells her son Mike not to propose to his girlfriend Steph. Liz also shows up at their home unannounced.
  • To get to know Liz better, Steph invites her on a ski trip she planned with Mike.
  • The trio told Insider they're now closer than ever thanks to the show.
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On TLC's show "I Love a Mama's Boy," women grapple with the extremely close relationships between their male partners and their mothers.

Steph, one of the women featured in season 2, told Insider when she saw the show was casting, she knew she had to pitch the idea to her boyfriend Mike, a self-proclaimed mama's boy. Throughout the show, Mike and Steph navigate their relationship with Liz, Mike's mother who sometimes shows up to their home unannounced.

During the season, Liz dissuaded Mike from proposing to Steph. Mike also gave Liz a key to his home with Steph before asking her about it. Despite the disagreements, Mike, Liz, and Steph said the show helped them understand each other better.

"Stephanie and I have always been able to rise above our troubles because there's real genuine love there. And my mom, despite giving us a little headache at times, she always has my best interest in mind," Mike told Insider.

Mike's mom Liz said he shouldn't propose to his girlfriend and threw out her birthday flowers

During season 2, a major point of contention stemmed from Liz's advice to Mike about his marriage plans.

After Mike shared with Liz that he wanted to propose to Steph, Liz told him she didn't agree with his thinking and to hold off on marriage. She also told Mike she thought Steph wasn't the person he should be with.

Mike defended his decision, saying he didn't want to take advice from Liz, who has been divorced twice, and expressed he felt sure of his relationship.

Tensions continued to rise when Mike gave Liz a key to their apartment without telling Steph. When Steph came home to find Liz cleaning up and her birthday flowers missing, she became upset. Liz said she threw the flowers out because they had died.

To change the dynamic, Steph invited Liz to crash her ski trip with Mike

Later in the season, Steph asked Liz to join her and Mike on their ski trip, which Liz previously complained about, saying it was too dangerous.

Though Liz said she hated the cold and declined Steph's offer to teach her how to ski, the trio says they're closer than ever.

"I hope [my relationship with Stephanie] continues to grow so that I can love her the same way that I love Michael, like a daughter," Liz told Insider.

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