Megan Fox Looks Unrecognizable With New Silver Hair

Megan Fox never misses an opportunity to effortlessly catch everyone’s attention on Instagram, and the actress is at it again. Recently, Fox posted an eye-catching image accompanied with a cryptic caption that has fans wondering what’s up next for her career. So let’s find out!

Megan Fox’s Simple Yet Stunning Instagram Photo

Megan Fox caught everybody’s eye with one of her recent photos on Instagram. Although the picture was a typical selfie, Fox’s new look couldn’t be ignored. Fox sports icy blonde hair in the photo, which has racked up over three million likes so far. Of course, the look is much different than what fans are accustomed to, as the actress usually has dark brown locks. 

The photo featured Fox from her chest up, so it’s clear she wanted all the attention to go right to her hair. As Fox parted her new silver hair down the middle of her scalp, her loosely curled locks fell down both sides of her chest. Accompanied by a classic sultry look into the camera the selfie sent the Transformers star’s fans whirling. 

However, it wasn’t solely the picture that got fans excited. Fox also included a somewhat cryptic caption to the post. “This is what the devil’s daughter looks like,” Fox wrote before adding “#JohnnyAndClyde,” a line below. It seems her character of Alana Hart in the upcoming Johnny & Clyde is going to look very different than Fox usually does in movies. The Tom DeNucci-directed film is current in production with no release date announced yet.

Fans’ Reaction To Megan Fox’s New Look

Based on Fox’s Instagram photo comments, it’s apparent her fans have mixed reviews about her new look. On the one hand, a group of followers admire Fox and even said she looked a little like a Kardashian. On the other hand, a large portion of fans pleaded with Fox to dye her hair back.

The recent selfie featured on Fox’s Instagram wasn’t the first time a relatively simple photo immediately captured her fans’ attention. In fact, one of the actress’s most-liked posts was a “super cool car photoshoot,” which featured Fox casually sitting in a car as she caught some selfies. Obviously, when it comes to Megan Fox, it’s her natural beauty that draws people in. 


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