Meghan & Harry: Escaping The Palace’s Producers On Whether They’ve Had Any Pushback From The Royal Family

Prince Harry’s relationship with Prince William has regularly been written about in the press, and Lifetime’s “Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace” attempts to delve into what really happened between the once inseparable brothers. But rather than picking a side, the movie’s producers hope to show a balanced account of why each prince made the choices they did. “It’s interesting. Our goal was to try to present both sides,” executive producer Michele Weiss told Nicki Swift. “Two people with different roles to play, and different histories. And we’re empathetic to the position that William is in. He is the one who’s carrying the weight of monarchy on his shoulders. And he’s had a role to play his whole life, and he doesn’t have a choice in that role, really.” 

“Obviously it’s a drama, you want to see the conflict, but we did try to show both sides,” Weiss continued. “William needs to protect the monarchy and we need to protect our family, and it can pit them against each other — or their purposes against each other. But we’re fans of Will as well.” Executive producer Merideth Finn concurred, saying, “I would agree that we don’t see him as a villain, if there is a villain. And in every good movie there’s conflict, so we really saw the villains as the press, and as the Firm … The machine.”

Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace” is available to watch on Lifetime.


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