Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Took Prince Philip’s Ailing Health Into Account Before Oprah Interview’s Broadcast

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle almost sat on their famous Oprah Winfrey interview a little longer amid the late Prince Philip’s health concerns. Prince Harry and Markle drew a lot of attention following their controversial interview with the longtime television personality after revealing some secrets that lie behind the palace walls. What onlookers are finding out now, is that the couple had a plan in place prior to the March air date in case Prince Philip’s health severely declined before it. 

According to Newsweek, a source told Finding Freedom biographers, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, “After the news of his [Philip’s] health came out, there were conversations with Harpo Productions about ensuring that the broadcast would be postponed if things were to worsen.” The royal couple agreed to the interview with Winfrey and her production studio on Thursday, Feb. 11, and filming took place early that following week. Prince Philip was admitted to the hospital just a week later on February 17, dying over a month later on April 9, but not before the highly anticipated interview went public on March 7. 

Both Harry and Markle were accused of being insensitive to the timing, especially considering what was included in the interview. The couple shocked the world when they finally answered some unanswered questions that had been lingering for years, including what happened between Markle and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Around the time the actress and her husband said “I do,” there were rumors that Middleton made Markle cry. According to Markle, Middleton did make her cry just days before she walked down the aisle but later apologized and sent her flowers. 

The couple also accused the royal family of questioning their son, Archie’s, skin color. While they did not mention specific names, they did accuse the family of showing concern on whether Archie would be born more with White skin tone or Black skin tone. With racism still being a very prevalent problem, this naturally raised eyebrows over the royal family entirely. 

They also explained their reasoning for stepping away from royal life and pursuing their own careers in Markle’s hometown of Los Angeles, California. As they felt they were being treated unfairly, along with their son, they made the choice to start their new chapter together elsewhere. Their decision has been either heavily criticized or supported by the public, but since they moved to Southern California, they’ve managed to keep a low profile while creating new business deals. 

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