Meghan Markle Furious After Kate Middleton Steals Her Spotlight?

Was Meghan Markle furious with Kate Middleton after the Duchess of Cambridge took her spotlight? That’s the story one tabloid pushed after Middleton and Prince William attended the premiere of the latest James Bond movie in London. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor. 

Was Meghan Markle Upset With Kate Middleton? 

According to a report from Woman’s Day, Meghan Markle was in a “jealous rage” after Kate Middleton allegedly stole the spotlight away from her. As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the James Bond movie premiere in London, it was Middleton who stole the show. Middleton caught everyone’s attention, even Daniel Craig’s, in a “glittering $5,240 Jenny Packham gown.”

Apparently, the look was one Markle “would not in her wildest dreams have thought up,” an insider claimed. The royal source pointed out that Markle often “tries high fashion with mixed results,” which is part of the reason she was so furious with Middleton’s classy look. “Kate gave a masterclass in classic glam, and there’s no doubt Meghan would be seething over being literally outshone,” the palace snitch said. The tabloid concluded by saying, “despite Harry and Meghan’s bellyaching,” the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were closer with the royal family than ever before. 

Is Meghan Markle Still Upset With Kate Middleton? 

So what’s really going on between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton? Despite Woman’s Day’s attempt to portray the idea that the two women are in any way raging over the other, Gossip Cop isn’t having it. 

There’s simply no connection between Markle and Middleton or the events described in the story. Markle’s last public appearance was nearly two weeks before the Bond premiere, so it’s not even clear what spotlight is being stolen. Essentially, it was just a tabloid plotting two powerful and successful women against each other. Why? We’re not sure, but, likely, it won’t be the last time it happens. For what it’s worth, both Markle and Middleton are currently involved in their own projects, so they don’t really have the time to be feuding over a tabloid’s opinion of their fashion. 

The Same Old Story About Meghan Markle 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop debunked a story that portrays Meghan Markle in a negative light. Woman’s Day once stooped so low as to invent a story about Markle having a meltdown during her son’s birthday. The supposed outburst never happened, and no reputable sources ever covered the story. However, it proves some outlets will publish just about anything to drag Meghan Markle’s name through the mud, no matter how ridiculous it is. 


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