Meghan Markle Has Just Been Given A New Royal Nickname

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s visit to New York City for the Global Citizen Live event, which is expected to take place in Central Park, is certainly getting a lot of attention. This is the couple’s first joint public event since they pulled the plug on their working relationship with the royal family and moved to California. According to Express, Meghan was referred to as “Madame Duchess” by a reporter upon her arrival at the One World Trade Center. That’s when the Sussex Squad Podcast picked up on the new nickname, which quickly began trending on Twitter. “Look from here on out it is Madame Duchess for me with #MeghanMarkle,” the Sussex Squad Podcast shared. If that were not enough, there are already comparisons of Meghan’s “Madame Duchess” moniker to Kamala Harris, who is often referred to as Madame Vice President.

While Meghan did reportedly say that “it’s wonderful to be back” in New York City, some believe that this might only be the beginning of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s long-awaited publicity tour of the U.S. Now, whether or not Meghan’s new nickname of “Madame Duchess” will stick in other parts of the country remains to be seen. Watch this space.


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