Meghan Markle ‘Kicking Up A Fuss’ With Demands For Return To UK?

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle being unreasonable? Oen report says the two are planning a 2022 return to London, but they’re ruffling royal feathers with travel demands. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Meghan’s Travel Demands’

According to OK!, Markle and Harry are planning a trip to the United Kingdom next year, and their plans will rile up the royal family. The Sussexes would allegedly like to introduce Queen Elizabeth to their daughter Lilibet Diana, but a source says Markle is “insisting on 24/7 security, luxury lodgings at the residence of her choice and full control over her schedule and any public appearances.”

Markle also wants Harry with her at all times, an insider says, “so she won’t be left out of any secret meetings.” The dates aren’t set in stone yet, but Markle supposedly refuses to go unless every demand is met. An insider concludes, “Harry is 100 percent supporting her. After all the hell she went through with The Firm, it’s hardly surprising!”

These Demands Are Standard

Whether or not Harry and Markle are planning a trip isn’t totally relevant for this story. Inevitably, they will one day return to British soil. There’s no indication that they’re planning a trip so soon after their New York escapades, but someday they’ll be back. When they do return, you can reasonably expect them to stay at a castle and have security.

This tabloid is obviously trying to paint Markle as the bad person in this story, but take a look at these proposed demands. She wants security and “luxury lodgings” during a visit to the… royal family. The royal family literally lives in castles. These demands aren’t egregious, but rather exactly what someone like Prince William could take for granted.

Controlling one’s schedule isn’t exactly absurd either. Most people on a vacation to England would be free to do just that. The narrative of the story doesn’t make sense because Markle would only be asking for equitable treatment. That being said, there’s no way someone with this kind of information would ever talk to OK!.

Relevant Myths

This outlet just claimed Markle and Harry were planning a second wedding, but that’s not happening. We also debunked its story about the two being Hollywood outcasts over their paychecks. That story was a lot like this one, for it attacked the pair for not “[knowing] their place.” OK! wants to see these two grovel, but that’s just cruel and not happening.

Gossip Cop has also seen this tabloid call Harry whipped and emasculated. These stories are toxic, inflammatory, and completely disgraceful. Harry and Markle love each other and deserve respect. This tabloid has no insight into the pair whatsoever, so this story should be thrown in the trash.


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