Meghan Markle Micromanaging Prince Harry’s Expenses?

Is Meghan Markle clamping down on Prince Harry’s spending? One report says he’s now running his receipts by her every day. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Tightwad Meghan Pinching The Purse Strings’

According to the National Enquirer, Markle is running the family finance despite Prince Harry being the breadwinner. Prince Harry has to account for every penny he spends and even had to ask his wife for money to buy her a birthday present. A snitch says, “Meghan meets with their financial consultants, plus she sets the budget for both their household and personal expenses.”

Markle may be rich now, but she’s still careful to save more than she spends. The source says, “Even when she started making big paychecks on Suits, Meghan lived very modestly,” adding “Meghan is wealthy now, but the mindset of saving money because it might disappear any day has stuck with her She’s tried her best to bring Harry around to her way of thinking.” On the other hand, the insider says, “Harry obviously comes from a totally different background, but he pretty well does whatever Meghan wants so he’s given her total control of their finances.”

When it came time for a surprise birthday present, Prince Harry was forced to ask friends for a loan to keep the surprise. An insider says, “Harry laughed it off when he asked for the loan, but his friends were stunned.” While this need for approval may disturb others, Prince Harry is content. A source concludes, “he respects that she isn’t frivolous with [money].”

Regressive Garbage

Tabloids love emasculating Prince Harry. Apparently leaving England for the sake of your and your wife’s mental health is lame, and not something a real man would have done. Gossip Cop has debunked loads of stories calling him “pathetic and trapped” or “henpecked Harry.” Prince Harry and Markle are very careful about letting the public into their lives, so these supposed insiders are incredibly hard to trust.

Plenty Of Income

Markle and Prince Harry are millionaires with more than enough money to afford financial advisors. Calling Prince Harry the sole breadwinner is completely inaccurate, for Markle’s name is also signed on those Netlfix and podcast contracts. Both of them are working and focused on raising their very young children. There are zero reports that begin to corroborate this dreadful story, so we can confidently call it false.

Cash Obsession

Don’t forget that the Enquirer once called Markle a “bipolar narcissist.” It has nothing but contempt for the Duchess of Sussex and isn’t afraid to invent bogus stories to use against her. These so-called insiders only spew hateful garbage which is not what real friends or confidants would ever do.

As for money, this tabloid claimed the Sussexes earned half a billion dollars for their Winfrey interview, which is impossibly large. This came after a slew of stories calling them broke. There’s little decorum about this couple’s finances because they deliberately keep a tight lip about it. This story is just another sexist attack on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex so you shouldn’t pay it any mind.

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