Meghan Markle Mocking The Queen Amid Palace Investigation, Charity Allegations?

Meghan Markle’s approval rating with the British public is at its lowest point yet. This comes after the Duchess of Sussex was slammed by critics this summer amid a bullying investigation, the results of which we’re still waiting on.

Critics of Markle’s took aim at the American-born duchess over the summer. When Markle posted a video celebrating her 40th birthday, one critic insisted the former Suits actress was mocking Queen Elizabeth and British culture in general. This spawned a wave of tabloid coverage, which can be read here.

That same critic went on to question what happened to Markle’s donation to an elephant charity in lieu of a salary from her voice over for Disney’s Elephant.

Meanwhile, through all of these latest accusations, Markle is still facing a bullying investigation stemming from her time as a working royal. There’s been a recent revelation about the matter that’s definitely a can’t miss.

Meghan Markle Mocking The Queen, British Culture — Critic

A particularly vocal critic of both Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry tore into the duchess’ 40th birthday video and accused her of mocking both British culture and even the queen herself.

Did Markle Really Donate ‘Elephant’ Salary To Charity?

After Markle revealed she’d provided the voice over for the Disney nature documentary Elephants, it was also revealed that she’d turned down a paycheck in return for a hefty donation to an elephant charity. Now a critic has questioned whether or not Markle ever made the donation.

New Revelations In Bullying Investigation

More information about the bullying investigation focused on Meghan Markle has been released, and it brought even more questions than it answered. The staffers at the center of the controversy had a surprising reaction to the first bombshell report being made.


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