Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Buying NYC Home, Their Sixth In 5 Years?

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thinking about moving to the Big Apple? One tabloid claims the couple was looking at real estate during their recent New York trip. Here’s what we know about the Sussexes’ moving plans.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle ‘Itching To Buy A City Pad’?

This week, Life & Style reports that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had an amazing time during their New York City trip. So amazing, in fact, that they’re thinking about buying a residence in the city. “Harry and Meghan are looking to invest in a second home in New York,” an insider dishes. “They want to enjoy the best of both worlds — a city pad on the East Coast and a country house on the West Coast.” Apparently, the couple spent some time perusing multimillion-dollar apartments on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and in Tribeca during their trip.

But the couple isn’t leaving their Montecito mansion behind for good. “That will continue to be their main home, but they’re planning to be bicoastal until Archie and Lilibet start elementary school,” the tipster explains, but Harry’s love of New York is palpable. “He has friends who’ve relocated from the UK to Manhattan to work on Wall Street and says NYC feels like a home away from home,” the snitch confides.

And even more cozy is the city’s proximity to England. “Harry wants to fly back to London to see his grandmother [Queen Elizabeth II] more frequently, and New York is just more convenient. It’s only a five-hour flight away from the UK!” the source exclaims.

Sussexes Moving To Be Closer To The Queen?

While we can’t speak to Markle and Harry’s plans for the future, we do know they weren’t in NYC to look at real estate. The Sussexes visited New York for charity work, and they had their schedule packed with events and meetings. We find it extremely unlikely that the couple took the time to call up a realtor and stealthily tour apartments during their short time in New York.

Besides, the tabloid can’t seem to make up its mind about the Sussexes’ relationship with the queen. This is the same tabloid that claimed Queen Elizabeth forbade Harry and Markle from giving Lilibet a UK christening. The outlet also alleged the queen banned Harry and Markle from the palace. And now, the queen wants them to move closer to England? The tabloid just can’t get its stories straight. With an unlikely premise, zero evidence, and months of inconsistent reporting, it’s safe to say there was no truth to this story.


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