Meghan Markle Says Queen Elizabeth Should Be The Last Monarch

Does Meghan Markle really wish for the monarchy to end? Twelve months ago, Gossip Cop confronted a story that said Markle wanted Queen Elizabeth to be the final monarch of England. Let’s look back on that story to see how it turned out.

‘Meghan Finally Talks!’

According to In Touch, Markle was ready to sit down for a tell-all interview “with someone like Katie Couric or Robin Roberts,” a source claimed. She was reportedly planning to discuss her growing family and why the monarchy ought to end when Queen Elizabeth dies. There were also whispers that she’d discuss her feud with Kate Middleton as well.

The story was careful to say there was a lot Markle could discuss or might open up about. In a roundabout way, this confirmed that she was not addressing any of these things. Gossip Cop was assured by a source close to the situation that this story was not true. It was just a bait-and-switch story promising an interview to come.

She Did Do A Tell-All

Markle famously did sit down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss the royal family… long after this article came out. That famous interview did not align at all with what In Touch promised. This story was false when it came out and looked even worse when the tell-all did happen.

While Markle’s interview did prove rather scandalous, she did not say she’d like the monarchy to end. Both Markle and Prince Harry were highly complimentary of Queen Elizabeth and would go on to name their daughter after her. Markle also didn’t dig up dirt on Middleton, choosing instead to say they’d put their issues to bed long ago.

Just because Markle had a horrible time inside palace walls does not mean she wants the entire monarchy to end. While she and her husband were still senior members of the royal family, they both dutifully served, which is not what someone hellbent on destroying the monarchy would do. Her husband and kids are still high in the line of succession, so this story was completely false.

Other Royal Myths

Gossip Cop busted In Touch earlier this month for claiming Markle was obsessed with Prince William. In reality, she’s barely discussed him and only has eyes for Prince Harry. It also claimed Middleton had banned Markle from attending Prince Philip’s funeral. Markle wasn’t in attendance because of Lilibet Diana, not Middleton.

These bogus stories add up over time and prove that this is not a trustworthy source for Markle news. The tell-all interview described never happened, and she’s never expressed a desire for the monarchy to end. She’d like it to change for the better, but not to end.

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