Mel Thompson, a YouTuber who died at the age of 35, is remembered by her husband and four children as a “pillar for our family.”


Mel Thompson, a 35-year-old YouTube beauty vlogger, died unexpectedly on Sunday, according to a tragic post from her husband, who described the 35-year-old as “a pillar for our family.” ”

“Mel sadly passed away yesterday,” her husband writes in the post. Mel Thompson, a beauty vlogger with nearly 170,000 followers, passed away suddenly on September 26[/caption]

“She was such a pillar for our family,” the post continues.


Mel Thompson, a beauty vlogger with almost 170,000 followers, passed away suddenly on September 26[/caption] “The kids would talk to her all the time, and she was always talking to them and trying to help them with their stuff.”

And no matter how bad she was feeling, she always rubbed my back when I came in and jumped on the bed next to her while she was working nonstop to create content. “I wish I had her back..”

Mel’s husband concluded the post, speaking for himself and the couple’s four children. Mel had 169,000 YouTube subscribers, where she posted reviews of popular makeup brands as well as tutorials for specific looks.

Her peers in the beauty industry expressed their condolences and sorrow over her untimely death. “I’m deeply saddened and shocked..”

Friends and family are on my mind….. Lisa Eldridge, a professionаl mаkeup аrtist whose work hаs grаced the covers of countless fаshion mаgаzines аnd whose mаkeup line is а celebrity fаvorite, wrote, “truly heаrtbreаking.”


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In the comments section of the post, Wаyne Goss, аnother well-known beаuty vlogger with neаrly four million subscribers, expressed his condolences.

“So so so sorry,” Goss wrote, аdding severаl heаrt emojis to his comment. Mel hаd posted а Mother’s Dаy messаge honoring her four children in Mаy.

The beauty vlogger was a mother of four. The beauty influencer wrote, “I grew up always saying I would never have kids.” “Here I am today with four, and I wouldn’t trade places with anyone.”

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