Melbourne woman TikTok video on dentist phone note tip

A Melbourne woman has shared how she used a clever trick to get out of a scary situation while waiting for a dental appointment.

A woman attending her dentist appointment had to resort to desperate measures after a man put her in a “very uncomfortable situation” while she waited in reception.

Andrea Elena was approached by a stranger at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne on Tuesday, who pressed her for personal information and tried pressuring her into accepting a lift home.

The registered nurse detailed in a TikTok video how the man, who she suspected saw her arrive in an Uber, refused to take no for answer.

That’s when Ms Elena, who was wearing her work uniform at the time, typed out a note on her phone and handed it to reception staff.

The note read: “The man behind me tried to get me to go into his car.”

“This is a tip for all the girls and guys. If you are in an uncomfortable situation, use your notes,” Ms Elena told viewers.

“I was waiting in the reception at the dentist and a man came up to me and started asking me questions,” she said.

“He started asking me, ‘Where are you from, where do you live, where do you work?’ He then told me after my appointment that he will take me home. I said, ‘No,’ he said, ‘No, I will take you home, I drove here.’”

After showing the receptionist her note, staff worked swiftly and discretely to ensure Ms Elena was kept safe both at the dentist and on her way home.

“Reception alerted security, security escorted me to my appointment, then the dentist actually provided me a free lift home with a cab voucher,” she said.

“Security escorted me to the cab and made sure I was completely safe the entire time.”

Ms Elena expressed her thanks to the “amazing” dental hospital for their handling of the issue and encouraged girls to use the notes trick if they were ever in a similar situation.

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