Melissa Joan Hart Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis in Frustrated Video Message

Melissa Joan Hart reveals she contracted Covid-19 despite being vaccinated in a frustrated video message posted from her bedroom. “I got Covid. I am vaccinated and I got Covid and it’s bad,” The Sabrina the Teenage Witch alum expressed per Daily Mail.”It’s weighing on my chest it’s hard to breathe.” She went on to share that she’s not the only one in her home to come down with the virus. “One of my kids, I think, has it so far and I’m praying that the other ones are okay,” she said.

Melissa has three boys, Mason, Brayden, and Tucker, whom she shares with her husband Mark Wilkerson. The family is believed to be settled in Nashville, TN, a state whose mask mandate is viewed as pretty lax compared to some other heavily populated areas. Recently Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed Executive Order 84 into effect, giving parents the option to allow their kids not to wear a mask in schools. Joan Hart isn’t too big a fan of the law, saying she’s “really mad, because we tried and we took precautions and we cut our exposure by a lot but we got a little lazy and I think as a country we got lazy.”

“My little one, luckily, wore a mask every day because he was used to it from last year. And he came home every day bragging, ‘Mom! I wore my mask,’ and I was so thankful,” she added of her 8-year-old son Tucker. “Now if [Tucker] does get it, I can at least tell him he was a superhero to those in his classroom because he protected his teacher and his classmates from it.”

What’s perhaps the most upsetting part of the situation for the mom of three is the prospect that things could possibly get worse –– meaning a trip to the hospital, but in her current condition, she wouldn’t be able to stay by anyone’s side. “If someone has to be taken to the hospital, I can’t go with them and I’m just scared and sad and disappointed in myself, some of our leaders and a lot of people, including myself,” she explained, adding: “I just wish I’d done better, so I’m asking you guys to do better.”

She closed, cautioning parents to make better choices in regards to the safety of themselves and their loved ones. “Protect your families, protect your kids, it’s not over yet. I hoped it was, but it’s not. So stay vigilant and stay safe,” she said. “I just want to share my journey. This isn’t up for debate, it’s just how I feel today on my page.”

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