Men with big feet have affairs more than those with small ones, study finds

MEN with big feet tend to cheat on their partner more than those with small ones, a poll says.

Those taking a size ten or above are over twice as likely to stray as the size sevens and under.


Men taking a size ten or above are over twice as likely to cheatCredit: Getty

Dating site for married people, Illicit Encounters, quizzed 2,000 men.

The poll found that men with the following size feet were the biggest cheats;
1 – Size 11 – 29 per cent
2 – Size 10 – 25 per cent
3 – Size 12 – 22 per cent
4 – Size 13 and above – 21 per cent

Spokeswoman Jessica Leoni, Illicit Encounters, said: “Men with bigger feet tend to be tall, so are perhaps likely to get more attention.”

She added, “Whilst some may argue that there is more to an affair than a man’s shoe size, the data doesn’t lie.

“Love rats are most likely to have a shoe size of 10 or over.”

Jeremy Collins, 34, a stay-at-home dad of Harrow with size 8 feet has never cheated on his partner, saying; “It’s about respect, not about how big my feet are.”

But Gareth Connelly, 39, Amersham, and a size 12 shoe said, “I’ve cheated on previous partners, but I always just thought it was my roving eye, but maybe now I know what’s to blame – my big feet!”

The results of the study reflect celebrity cheats including, Tiger Woods, Hugh Grant, Lamar Odom and Arnold Schwarzenegger, all of whom have size 10 feet or larger.

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