Messy baby Rottweiler tries first ever Starbucks puppuccino – and it’s adorable

The adorable Kiko devoured the sweet treat in a matter of seconds after his first trip to Starbucks

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Rottweiler puppy enjoys his first ‘puppuccino’

An impossibly cute video of a Rottweiler pup trying a Starbucks Puppuccino for the first time has been melting hearts online.

Kiko the tiny Rottweiler certainly enjoyed his first taste of the doggy drink, in this amusing video which shows him devouring the sweet snack.

This cute clip, which comes from TikTok account @kikotherottweiler, begins with the puppy being presented the creamy treat, which he readily approaches and begins to work his way through.

Beautiful little Kiko isn’t afraid to get stuck in, quickly lapping up the whipped cream and making a real mess of his snout in the process.

Kiko got stuck into the Puppuccino right away

By the end of the clip, the adorable Rottweiler has cream all over his mouth and nose, continuing to lick at himself even after all of his Puppuccino is gone.

The video was a huge hit on the app, with almost 100,000 views and over 8,500 likes.

Viewers fell in love with the cute puppy, with one user commenting: “Sweet messy puppy face! The best!”

The puppy ended up with cream all over his snout

Another commenter wrote: “Kiko had not finished, lol cute.”

A third added: “Aww absolute cutie.”

He did his best Scooby Doo impression licking his snout clean

A Puppucino doesn’t contain anything harmful to dogs and is actually simply a cup of whipped cream, which dogs around the world apparently adore.

The canine cuppa is available for free at Starbucks, and is a much healthier alternative to letting your dog have a lick of your own caffeinated drink.

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