Michelle Obama Felt ‘Cheated’ After Giving Up Her Career For Barack?

Although Barack and Michelle Obama haven’t been in office for several years, that doesn’t stop the tabloids from generating stories about the couple. About a year ago, one outlet alleged Michelle was bitterly furious at her husband for making her give up her career.

Michelle Obama Regrets Leaving Her Career?

A year ago, the National Enquirer alleged Michelle Obama had serious regrets in her life after The Michelle Obama Podcast launched. In fact, an insider was quoted saying, “Michelle felt like she was cheated” when her husband Barack Obama ran for president. Before Barack decided to run for president, the magazine noted that Michelle was doing quite well in her legal career.

An insider close to the former first lady said Barack “persuaded her into birthing and raising their daughters while he focused on rising in the political ranks.” After Michelle gave into Barack’s demands to start a family, she gave up her legal career. The same source leaked that Michelle “didn’t want a family, but Barack did, and he knew it would help him politically.”

Did Barack Obama Force Michelle Obama To Give Up Her Dreams?

Whoever the “insiders” the National Enquirer quoted for this story, they clearly had no clue what they were talking about. When this story first came out, we busted it, and the narrative remains untrue today. Michelle didn’t regret starting a family, which she made abundantly clear in her Netflix documentary Becoming. Michelle stated that Barack never persuaded her to quit her job; she simply felt she couldn’t raise her kids and pursue a career simultaneously.

Additionally, this tabloid’s narrative is blatantly disrespectful as well as being misleading. Balancing work and family is a personal matter that Michelle could keep private if she wanted, but to attack her for sharing her experiences is low. To say that Michelle held some type of grudge towards her husband because of the decision is entirely false. Essentially, the magazine tried to twist Michelle’s words to make it seem like there was trouble between her and Barack.

False Narratives Follow Michelle Obama

Besides this story being completely ridiculous, another reason to dismiss it is the National Enquirer’s recent bogus reports on Michelle Obama. In February, the outlet claimed Michelle and Barack were headed towards a $175 million divorce. An insider revealed that “the marriage is hanging by a thread” as the couple fought “over money, kids” and Michelle’s career.

A few days later, the same tabloid leaked that Michelle was getting a $1 million makeover to “spice up her marriage.” After she and Barack signed a “monster Netflix gig,” the magazine noted Michelle felt the makeover was “essential.” Once again, this story was pretty easy for us to debunk based on how out-there it was. It’s clear this tabloid is more focused on insulting the couple than it is on reporting anything truthful.


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