Mick Jagger Welcoming Baby No. 9 With Longtime Girlfriend?

Has Mick Jagger welcomed a ninth child? Twelve months ago, Gossip Cop confronted a story about Jagger getting married to his longtime girlfriend Melanie Hamrick and having a new baby. Let’s look back on this story to see what ended up happening.

‘Time Ain’t On His Side’

The Globe reported Jagger was ready to settle down with Hamrick. Jagger “had nothing to do but bond with Melanie and it’s been enlightening,” a source said. He was considering a proposal, and was “even suggesting they have another baby to seal their love.” He liked being taken care of and was prepared to settle down at 77.

This was a bit of a bait-and-switch story. It acted as if Jagger was simultaneously considering a proposal and already engaged. Gossip Cop pointed out that Hamrick had no baby bump, and Jagger’s always been focused more on music than his career. Bearing this in mind, and the utter lack of evidence in the story itself, we debunked the story.

Did They Have A Baby?

Pregnancy stories are easily debunked by time. Hamrick did not have a baby in the past year, so this whole story must have been made up. Hamrick and Jagger still look enamored with one another though. Hamrick posted a rare photo of herself with Jagger and their son last month.

They also didn’t get engaged, so truly was nothing to this story. Even without a ring, Jagger is committed to Hamrick. The pandemic did bring them closer together. He bought her a mansion as a Christmas present.

Any Rolling Stones News?

Jagger and the rest of the Rolling Stones will be back on tour again next month. The “No Filter” tour begins in St. Louis. The Globe grossly chimed in to say the tour could be hazardous to their health. Touring is what the Rolling Stones do, so there’s no reason to think they’re suddenly pushing themselves too hard. While they won’t have Charlie Watts for the tour, they have a qualified replacement in Steve Jordan.

Another Tall Tale

We’ve also debunked a ridiculous feud between Jagger and Clint Eastwood over a completely different woman than Hamrick. These bogus stories add up over time and prove that you just can’t trust this tabloid when it comes to the Rolling Stones. Jagger and Hamrick are happy and healthy, but there’s been no baby or wedding in the past year.

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