Mike Lindell’s Accusation About Being ‘Attacked’ Somehow Blames Antifa

No one’s quite sure what’s going on with Mike Lindell. I’m not even sure that Mike Lindell knows, but he’s plugging away regardless in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at his so-called “Cyber Symposium” that was forecast to last 72 hours. Things started off disastrously with the MyPillow guy (baselessly) claiming that his event had been hacked, and the whole thing descended into batsh*ttery from there. The vibe has not improved, given that he’s been ranting about “packet captures” (still with no proof), and fellow conspiracy-theorist Steve Bannon (who was podcasting from the event) apparently turned on his pal for failing to “bring the receipts.”

The last day of the symposium didn’t go well, either, with Lindell scrambling offstage once he received unwanted news over his Dominion lawsuit, after his biggest “expert” on the panel admitted that there was no proof of the Big Lie having any basis in truth. Well, the absence of proof continues because Lindell has now claimed that he was “attacked” on Thursday night in Sioux Falls. Naturally, he didn’t provide proof of this alleged incident, nor does he appear to have filed a police report. He appears to be flustered while relating his latest claim, and I guess he believes that “antifa” is chasing him?

Later during the symposium, Lindell’s head of security pushed another conspiracy that makes zero sense. He’s claiming that fraudulent (?) “press badges” were being passed around and that “agitators” are after Lindell.

If you expected any of this to earn a lick of rationality, you will be sorely disappointed. Lindell is now blaming “antifa” for how terribly his symposium has gone for the past three days. Are these 72 hours over yet? The MyPillow guy desperately needs to use his own product and get some rest.

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