Mike Tindall jokes about Meghan Markle’s latest news: “Top royals want to PUNCH Prince Harry after recent shocking behavior.”


MEGHAN & HARRY have been chastised for flying by private jet from New York to California, a trip that emits 17 tonnes of CO2. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in Santa Barbara after flying across the country in their private jet and were photographed embracing their team. It comes just hours after they took the stage at a concert calling for climate change action – and demanding tough new environmental laws to cut US emissions in half by 2030.

At the star-studded Global Citizen Live concert in New York, dubbed “Wokestock,” Harry and Meghan spoke. “I do believe this is hypocrisy,” 71-year-old Royal author Penny Junor told The Sun. I’m sure there were numerous scheduled flights available. ”

She went on to say, “I don’t understand why they’re acting like superstars..” His father has been known to fly on a regular basis. His brother flies on а regulаr bаsis. This completely deconstructs their climаte messаge. By tаking privаte flights, they аre shooting themselves in the foot. ”

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