Mila Kunis Miserable Over Ashton Kutcher Flirting With Reese Witherspoon On New Movie?

Mila Kunis is apparently in a bit of a panic after her husband, Ashton Kutcher, enthusiastically joined a movie opposite Reese Witherspoon. Kutcher’s even supposedly spending more time sweet-talking Witherspoon than his wife. Here’s what’s going on.

Ashton Kutcher’s On-Screen Return To Romance

Mila Kunis isn’t happy with her husband’s newly discovered enthusiasm for his next project, according to New Idea. “Mila’s Misery Over Ashton & Reese!” reads the headline of the story, and insiders reveal that her unhappiness might not be baseless. Kutcher’s set to work with Witherspoon on the Netflix rom-com Your Place Or Mine, his first serious movie role since 2013’s Jobs. “Ashton’s never been like this about a movie before and it’s not like it’s going to win Oscars — it’s a Netflix rom-com!” an inside source exclaims. “He doesn’t miss a meeting, rehearsal, an email, and Mila’s starting to think he’s gone doe-eyed over Reese.”

“Technically, Ashton doesn’t have to work ever again because of the big tech investments he’s made, so for him to step back into acting with a Reese Witherspoon project is a strange move,” the insider adds. Friends of the That ’70s Show star add that it’s not as though his choices for acting work were limited — he reportedly had “plenty of scripts to choose from, some that had ‘Oscar’ written all over them.” Ultimately, it seems to be his co-star that most attracted him to the film.

“Mila is starting to feel like Ashton talks to Reese more than her at the moment! She knows Ashton misses the prestige and contacts he had [during his marriage to Demi Moore,]” the insider says. “But she gets it. Reese is one of the hottest producers in Hollywood who gets things done — everyone wants a piece of Reese. Mila just hopes her hubby doesn’t feel the same way!”

What’s Going On With The Project?

It is true that Your Place Or Mine is Ashton Kutcher’s first leap back into films in quite some time, but we still have some questions about this story of marital disharmony. The film is barely in pre-production and as the tabloid itself pointed out, it’s a fairly standard sounding rom-com for Kutcher’s standard sounding role. Despite the fact that it’s a straightforward gig, the outlet insists that this one project is taking up countless hours a week and involves dozens of non-stop meetings. Kutcher may not act in much, but he stays busy between billion-dollar investments and personal causes, so we don’t think he’s getting more facetime with a future co-star than his wife.

Plus, Witherspoon is an attractive collaborator in terms of star power and success, but she’s not the only one — the project is the directorial debut of Aline Brosh McKenna, who also wrote the film. McKenna also wrote the screenplay for The Devil Wears Prada and was a co-creator of the award-winning Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, so we can’t judge anyone for jumping aboard the movie. Of course, it’s been in the works since March of 2020, so there’s been plenty of time to do so. More importantly, Witherspoon is happily married. It’s just flat-out sexist to turn her career successes into some bogus “other woman” narrative that has no basis in reality.

What About Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher?

While Kunis has likely had a bit of added stress the past few weeks, we don’t think it’s at the hands of Reese Witherspoon. Instead, Kutcher and Kunis came under fire for their comments about not bathing their kids that often — the uproar was loud enough that the low-key couple finally addressed the hubbub on Instagram.


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Fortunately, the couple took it in stride and revealed that they do keep their family clean. At the same time, they also shared a sweet look at their personal lives that shows no sign of infidelity fears or suspicious work calls.

We aren’t at all surprised, however. We busted New Idea‘s assertion that Ashton Kutcher was getting antsy about his wife’s working relationship with Justin Theroux a few years ago. There was also the New Idea story last year about Kunis panicking about Demi Moore revealing intimate secrets about Kutcher on her “erotic podcast,” which turned out to be closer to narrating a different woman’s audiobook than anything related to her own personal life. New Idea has been coming up with outrageous storylines for the Kutcher-Kunis household for years now, so we’d advise ignoring it wholesale.

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