Miley Cyrus Criticized Over Fried Chicken In Underpants Show Off

Wild child Miley Cyrus has gone back to her provocative ways in the years following her divorce from Australian actor Liam Hemsworth and that’s clear to see from the singer’s Instagram account.

Cyrus keeps things fun and flirty on her Instagram page by showing off tons of skin, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t occasionally face criticism for her sexy snaps.

The “Prisoner” singer recently experienced a wave of backlash over her confession about fried chicken. It was hard to focus on the chicken part, however, because it was accompanied by a photo of Cyrus in her underpants.

When she’s not fending off critics, Cyrus teases fans with scantily clad photos of herself, including one particularly cheeky mirror selfie featuring a blue bra and thong to match.

Miley Cyrus Shares Cheeky Peek In Thong Bodysuit

When Miley Cyrus is promoting her latest project, there’s nothing she won’t do to make sure her fans are paying attention, including prancing around wearing next to nothing. In this black, thong bodysuit, Cyrus leaves very little to the imagination. Good thing the video loops!

Check out the video for yourself, and see what it was that Cyrus wanted her fans to take a look at, by clicking here.

Cyrus Flashes Blue Thong In Mirror Selfie

Despite the fact that she’s a grown woman with a highly successful career and her own life, Cyrus still faces judgment from her family, which is highly relatable. In one cheeky photo she posted to her Instagram Stories, Cyrus warned, “Probably a good time for my family to unfollow my ass… Literally.”

Take a look at the photo, which is no longer available on Cyrus’ page, through here.

Cyrus Criticized Over Fried Chicken In Underpants Show Off

Naturally, a star as big as Miley Cyrus occasionally faces backlash over the things she posts online, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to the average person. Some fans were furious to learn that Cyrus enjoyed snacking on fried chicken after Cyrus posted a video of herself in a pair of red hot pants.

See why some were so upset, as well as the strangely sensual video that caused the outrage, right here.


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