Minecraft Youtuber PainfulPVP has had his channel deleted after hackers tried to pull off a Crypto scam

Fortnite and Minecraft content creator PainfulPVP has had his YouTube channel deleted after hackers tried to pull off a Cryptocurrency scam to his followers.

James Garrod, known as PainfulPVP to his fanbase, is a Fortnite and Minecraft content creator. Amassing a huge 31 million views during his YouTube tenure, the creator has specifically become a staple with the Minecraft community. However, Garrod has found himself in a strange situation.

While some crypto scams have just used the names of popular creators to get some traction, this one went a step further and took over Garrod’s channel for good.

Hackers are promoting crypto

Garrod’s once 500,000 subscribers strong channel was turned into a hub for cryptocurrency in a random turn of events.

Promoting Ethereum – a nearly 10-year old crypto that has recently caught the attention of tech moguls like Elon Musk – in the form of live streams, the hackers were purporting that it’ll hit $40,000 stakes in ads to Garrod’s followers.

Since the initial hack took place, Garrod has tried to resolve the situation. Calling for help over on his Twitter feed, the creator has sought guidance from official entities. “Hey YouTube…someone just hacked my YouTube; DM asap, please” Garrod’s calls for help began.

After numerous tweets calling for a response, Garrod ultimately deleted his channel after it violated YouTube’s community guidelines. “I’ve reached out to the YouTube hijack team, and I’m hoping to hear from them sometime soon,” he tweeted, thanking the community for trying to chip in and help him out.

YouTube responded to Garrod, requesting the Minecraft creator take the discussion into private messaging. However, it is unclear whether the creator will be able to restore his channel in the future.

For now, the scammers have been temporarily thwarted. Fans of PainfulPVP have been showing their support, tweeting messages like: “Don’t worry, everything happens for a reason, and it’ll be resolved.”

Another passionate fan added: “I’m sure that you will get your channel back. Just be patient.”

Since taking the discussion into privacy, no further updates have been released on the status of Garrod’s channel.


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