Miranda Lambert Recorded ‘All Kinds of Kinds’ Because of Her Brother, Luke

Miranda Lambert’s brother, Luke, is a member of the LGBTQ community, and the country star is a proud ally. In a recent interview with GLAAD, Lambert recalled the moment her brother came out to her and her family, sharing that it inspired her to record one of her hit songs.

“For a family, you all go through that together and you support in whatever way you can,” she said. “It’s always a journey. The fact that we’ve grown so much, we’ve come a long way from him struggling and figuring that out to now being in this video with me.” Lambert was referencing the recent music video for the remix of her song “Tequila Does,” which features Luke, hs husband and their friends.

“It’s been a really cool sibling bonding for us and cool for our family, to be honest with you,” she said. “It’s not an easy road all the time.” Lambert shared that the song she recorded because of Luke was “All Kinds of Kinds,” which appears on her 2011 album Four the Record. “I feel like I’m just getting to live that every day more and more,” she said, sharing that the song means more to her “as the years go on and the more I learn.”

Lambert also discussed “All Kinds of Kinds” in an interview with Passport, sharing that recording it “felt pretty bada—.” “I thought it was such a cool way to touch on these issues through music,” she said. “I try to use my songs to say that I love all of y’all…unless you’re an a—hole.” The Texas native added that “All Kinds of Kinds” is “all about how boring this world would be if we were all the same.” “You know, it’s like I welcome everyone.” she shared. “I mean, I’m an entertainer, so I basically joined the circus for a living!”

The 37-year-old noted that she’s happy to see artists in country music sharing their true selves, including her friend TJ Osborne of Brothers Osborne. “My personal belief is that it shouldn’t even be an issue,” Lambert said. “My goal would be for there to come a day when being LGBTQ doesn’t matter, and that nobody would judge you for it. Let people just be who they are, right? But yeah, I actually think country music has really started heading in a good direction, and I’d be thrilled to be part of that change.”

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