Miss England finalist slams claims pageant girls are dumb as she plans next degree

A Miss England 2021 finalist has slammed people who think pageant girls are dumb as she plans her next degree.

Constance Iloghalu is currently studying Social Sciences at university and is planning to do a Masters Degree straight after.

Alongside this, she works as a support worker and is passionate about campaigning for those who are discriminated against.

The 27-year-old, from London, opened up to Daily Star in an exclusive chat and admitted she thought it was “ridiculous” that people assume pageant girls aren’t smart.

She told us: “It’s ridiculous. People think you just go there and look pretty – no.

“If I wanted to look pretty, I would apply to modelling agencies.”

Talking more about the Miss England competition, she added: “There’s so much that goes into this.

” It’s a platform to get your point across and be a voice for the voiceless.

“There is some showbiz and glamour involved, but that’s not all it is.

“They ask questions during the competition, such as why you want to be Miss England and what important causes matter to you.

“You have to be all all-rounder and be good at networking and confident. It’s not all about looks.”

Miss England 2021 finalist Constance Iloghalu poses in a yellow top
The 27-year-old from London is currently studying social sciences at university
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Talking about what made her want to enter the Miss England competition, Constance admitted she was increased representation and a platform to speak up for the causes she’s passionate about.

She said: “From a young age, I’ve seen people be discriminated against from my community. I want to campaign for people who don’t have a voice.”

Constance also has trips to Ghana and Kenya planned where she is going to volunteer in a school and teach at a children’s centre.

And she said she’ll carry on with the work, whether she wins Miss England or not.


Constance Iloghalu
Constance says there is a lot more to being a pageant star than first meets the eye
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Miss England 2021 finalist Constance Iloghalu poses in a red gown while wearing a crown
Constance also works as a support worker
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“Win or don’t win continue with what I’m doing,” she stated.

Talking about the pageant, Constance admits she’s been busy juggling working with her studies.

She hasn’t rehearsed as much as she’d have wanted, but has put a lot of effort into her catwalk and talking skills.

Miss England 2021 finalist Constance Iloghalu poses in traditional clothing
She is passionate about campaigning for those who are discriminated against
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The chat with Constance came after Miss England contestants swapped out their ball gowns for pyjamas and head towels in a bid to be crowned Britain’s ‘Bare Face Top Model’.

A dozen beauty queens bravely donned their nightwear as they strutted their stuff in a new round of the pageant.

The no-makeup round of the competition was launched two years ago in a bid to empower women and promote a more realistic body image.

It saw the contestants all sported pink towels and cute pyjamas as they posed by the River Thames in London.

One of the finalists, Miss Yorkshire’s Imani-Jayne Botham, 20, said of the competition: “I decided to enter Miss England’s bare face round to promote natural beauty and encourage individuals to embrace their own.

“In today‚Äôs world many people are shaped by the unrealistic expectations of society and beauty demands.”

The Miss England final is scheduled to be held on Friday 27th August at the Heart of England Conference & Event Centre in Coventry.

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