Model shares ‘almost deleted’ snap to reveal reality of influencers’ bodies

Influencer and model, Karina Irby, often takes to Instagram to share “realistic” photos of her body.

With social media usually being a place of highly edited photos, her content is refreshing for many who worry about not being able to achieve the “perfection” they see online.

Proving popular, the 31-year-old boasts 1.2 million followers on Instagram and even owns her own bikini brand.

However, even the most confident of us still have moments where we feel insecure.

In the stunning model’s recent Instagram post, she shared a bikini snap that she “almost deleted”.

Instead of acting on her insecurities, Karina decided to document how she felt in the post.

Karina has shared this relaxed snap to show the reality of influencers

Karina can be seen in a teeny cow print bikini lounging on the beach in a relaxed pose.

The Australian beauty captioned the ‘realistic’ post: “I definitely wasn’t vibing this pic at the time. I also felt so soft and unfit on the day.

“Mentally and physically just not feeling amazing…

“BUT, looking at my pics again with fresh eyes and a clear head I think I look ca-uuuuute!

“I also think it’s SO puppy important to share relaxed pics like this on socials because it’s a nice reminder bodies also look like this.”

Karina Irby
Karina Irby often posts stunning photos for her 1.2 million followers

People quickly took to the comments to share their support for Karina and praised her for her body positive outlook.

One person said: “ You’re my inspiration. And you’re so beautiful. Thanks for being a real human showing their beauty.”

Another user added: “This picture is beautiful. Love seeing a relaxed and realistic pic.”

A third said: “You are incredible babe. Such an inspiration.”

And a fourth remaerked: “Yesss thank you so much for sharing! You look gorgeous, thank you so much for the body positivity you spread in the world.”

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