Model who covered 98% of body in tattoos gets diamond tooth in latest modification

A tattoo model is hooked on transforming her appearance.

Over the last decade, Amber Luke has covered 98% of herself in ink and braved grisly body modifications.

And for her latest procedure, she attached a custom-made tooth to her gnashers to make her smile more sparkly.

The 26-year-old, from Brisbane, Australia, shared the finished results with her 12,6000 followers on Instagram.

She posted a close up of her smile and gushed about the “diamonds” and “white gold” detailing on the fake tooth.

The image also shows her “vampire fangs”, which she achieved by getting her canines filed into points by a dentist.

Amber Luke’s latest body modification has gone down a treat on Instagram

Fans went wild for Amber’s new look – with more than 900 of them liking the picture and dozens leaving comments of support.

One responder gushed: “Beautiful. And the jewellery is pretty as well.”

Another said: “I love it!”, a third wrote: “Beautiful, unique and cute”.

And a fourth added: “Cool, very nice teeth.”

As the fake tooth isn’t permanent, it’s one of Amber’s tamer alterations.

Amber Luke tooth
A picture of Amber’s sparkly tooth garnered hundreds of likes on Instagram

Amber Luke
The temporary procedure is tame for Amber – who has covered herself in tattoos and piercings

Amber’s previous body modifications have been a lot more extreme.

Her jaw-dropping mods include her inked eyeballs, which are a bright shade of blue.

The risky procedure blinded the model for three weeks after she had it done.

But while she described the side-effects as “brutal”, she managed to make a recovery.

The influencer also braved a painful tongue-splitting procedure in the past.

Amber Luke
Amber says her body modification journey isn’t complete yet

She loves that her forked tongue makes her look like a “dragon” – but admits she was left with a lisp at first.

One of Amber’s most excruciating modifications involved getting dermal piercing above her crotch.

On Instagram, she said: “It’s called a dermal – it’s essentially a 2mm biopsy punch that removes a hole of your skin.

“Then, a flat bar is inserted into the hole; that bar has holes in it that allows your skin to grow through and pulls the piercing down like an anchor…

“I felt this piercing in my f****** soul man. Wow; talk about pain!!!”

The experience didn’t put Amber off body modification though as she went on to have holes punctured into her ear lobes.

She’s also planning to get more work down when restrictions in Australia ease.

Previously, the influencer revealed she’s getting her eyeballs tattooed for a second time.

She’s also expressed an interest in getting more blackout tattoos done this year.

Watch this space!

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