Model with ‘world’s biggest cheeks’ feared she looked like ‘hamster’ before filler

The woman with the “world’s biggest cheeks” showed off her chiselled cheekbones on national TV.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk, a 32-year-old influencer, appeared on today’s episode of This Morning to talk about her transformation.

The Ukrainian model admitted she feels much more confident now that she’s spent £1,500 on Botox and face filler.

She said: “I am very happy – I look at my pictures from years ago and I think I’m ugly.”

Pointing to a throwback picture of Anastasia taken when she was 21, Eamonn asked: “What was wrong with this lady on the left?”

And the influencer replied: “I don’t like my face. I looked like a hamster with my cheeks.”

Anastasia Pokreshchuk, from Kiev, got her first lip fillers when she was 26

Anastasia went on to talk about cosmetic work she’s had done in the last six years.

She revealed: “Of course I’ve had Botox, I have fillers in my lips and my chin”.

The model loves her unique look and doesn’t want to look like anyone else.

She added “I want to look like I am – like nobody else. I’ve never been inspired by anyone ever.”

No matter what fans think, Anastasia seems to prefer her cosmetically enhanced looks.

Anastasia's dramatic transformation
Anastasia’s dramatic transformation

After getting her first face filler at 26, the influencer’s cheekbones started jutting from her face.

She also got lip filler and Botox injected into her forehead.

And instead of rocking brunette curls, she’s dyed her poker-straight hair a shade of Barbie pink.

Since getting her first jab, the model has lost count of how many times she’s injected herself.

While some aren’t keen on her new look, the Instagram star loves it.

Previously, she revealed: “After I had the injections and saw the changes in my cheeks, I fell in love with them…

“I understand that they look weird for other people but I don’t mind.”

Other quirky procedures Anastasia has had done include bonkers booty massages and veneers.

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