‘Modern Family’ Star Nolan Gould Takes a Twirl With Pole Dancing

You take up a career in pole dancing, duh!

Nolan Gould who played Luke Dunphy on the sitcom “Modern Family” from 2009 to 2020 just showed off his pole dancing skills on Instagram.

He basically grew up in front of the world after starting out on the show at just ten-years-old.

He’s now 22 and letting the world know he’s not a little boy anymore.

Nolan posted a video of himself working the pole to his Instagram on Monday, August 16.

He captioned the video, “Tragic Mike. Might delete this immediately but had to share the results of my first pole dancing class.”

Tragic Mike is a hilarious nod to Channing Tatum’s character in “Magic Mike.”


Nolan continued his caption, “Always wanted to try it. Thanks @alyssadventures for an amazing class and my supportive friends for helping make it happen. I am uncoordinated and inflexible as hell. My body is basically made of Lego bricks.”

From the looks of the video, Nolan can move, so not quite sure what “Lego Bricks” he’s talking about.

His on-screen uncle, Jesse Tyler Ferguson commented, “Make good tips?”

Jesse’s husband, Justin Mikita, commented on the video, “I’m so mad you didn’t invite me to do this with you.”

Many of his fans asked him to NEVER delete the video while others commented, “Tragic Mike is 10/10,” “This is gold,” and “This app has been saved.”

A few people were a bit discouraged by Nolan’s pole dancing adventure.

One follower wrote, “Yet another child actor lost to the pole.”

Another commented, “All that Modern Family money has run out and Nolan is taking to the pole. Twas always going to happen.

Obviously the video was made all in good fun, and Nolan isn’t actually going to take up a full-time career in pole dancing. Or maybe he will.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. It’s his life to live!

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