Molly Mae Hague posts rare photo of lookalike sister and mum telling them ‘I love you so much’

MOLLY-MAE Hague has proved that good looks really do run her family.

The former Love Island star has shared rare pictures of her lookalike sister and mum.

In throwback sweet snaps Molly-Mae and her sister are dressed up for their mum’s wedding, who is seen in a beautiful white dress.

The reality-star-turned-fashion-guru used the gorgeous photos to wish her mum happy birthday, and tell her and her sister how much she loved them.

Despite looking almost identical, Molly-Mae’s sister has chosen a completely different career.

While Molly-Mae enjoys a life of glitz and glamour, big sister Zoe is actually a soldier.

Zoe, 25, serves in the military medical corps – a part of the army which is responsible for the health of serving soldiers.

Meanwhile, today’s sweet post comes just 24 hours after Molly-Mae revealed she was recovering from surgery.

She revealed she was being looked after by her boyfriend Tommy Fury and friend, Elle Brown.


Molly-Mae Hague needed a weekend on the sofa to recover from surgery

The reality star had a visible bandage around her finger after she had two lumps removed.

Molly recently warned warned her followers to check their bodies – after having one on her boob and her hand extracted. 

Cuddling up to her Ellie Bellie elephant, she wrote: “I spoke about a lump I found in my boon on a recent vlog. Well I had it removed today. Check your boobies people.”

Sharing a picture of her bandaged up hand, she said: “Also had a lump removed from my finger that I’ve spoke about a few times too.”

The millionaire influencer added: “Also having a cannula put in my hand has always been without a doubt my biggest fear. So that is in itself today a huge achievement for me.”

Last month Molly-Mae, who is dating Tommy Fury, revealed the lump in her breast had grown, so underwent a biopsy before the decision was made to remove it completely. 

It comes just months after the star was told a mole she’d had removed from her leg was malignant melanoma, which is a type of skin cancer.

She received the devastating news during a work trip to Italy following a biopsy, having previously been told by two dermatologists that the mole was nothing to worry about.

Speaking in November, Molly said: “It’s obviously petrifying, shocking and scary. I don’t even know what to think or say. I cannot believe I was told by others doctors it was OK. I am so upset and angry.

“I just briefly asked this doctor when I was walking out. I was walking around with skin cancer on my leg! If I hadn’t have asked, I’d still have that mole on my leg now and I’d be none the wiser. It could be spreading through my body, you just never know.”

Molly explained at the time that she’d previously been reassured that the lump is not harmful, but she became concerned after noticing it’d grown.

She shared: “I basically noticed a little lump in my boob, went to get it checked and it was completely fine, completely benign.

“It’s a little thing called a fibroadenoma and it’s a normal thing to get at this age, small lumps can happen all the time it doesn’t mean they’re sinister.”

The former Love Island star had two lump removed from her body


The former Love Island star had two lump removed from her bodyCredit: Instagram
One of the lumps was in her hand and the other in her breast


One of the lumps was in her hand and the other in her breast
Molly-Mae Hague says she has ‘a broken bosom’ after ‘finding lump’

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