Mom Forced to Give Up Her Son after Giving Birth at 14 Reunites with Him 52 Years Later

Over five decades after losing her son to adoption, Lynne Oakes has found a reason to smile again as the mother-son pair finally reunited.

Falling pregnant as a teenager was only the beginning of Lynne Oakes’ longsuffering. Unable to handle the burden that came with motherhood all those years ago, she was forced to give up her baby for adoption.

Fifty-two years later, the woman finally found her long-lost son, and the duo was more than happy to reunite. Recounting her story, the 68-year-old explained how she became pregnant at 14 for an older man.

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Her parents’ reluctance to deal with the situation led her to end up in a mother-baby home, where she resided until she welcomed the newborn. However, the temporary shelter came at the price of signing over her precious baby to new parents.

Oakes recalled spending ten days with the boy after his birth. Those ten days spent knitting warm clothes, bathing him, feeding him, and singing him to sleep made her bond with him on all levels, taking to motherhood easily. She explained:

“I loved every minute of it. Bathing him, I’d sing to him, and I’d talk to him. For ten days you get to love something. Then the very last day I remember crying.”

As her son was snatched away from her and wheeled off in a cot, the then-teenage mom affirmed her love for him and vowed to find him someday.

Her chance came eventually to fulfill her promise. The woman, who later got married and secured a job as a bank clerk, admittedly spent years searching for her son to no avail.

Finally, she sought assistance from ITV’s “Long Lost Family.” Exercising the resources at their disposal, the show did what they did best, finding Oakes’ son.

They uncovered the child’s identity as Michael Cocks, and found the now-52-year-old living in Thetford, UK. The two had a most memorable reunion on camera, which will be aired on the show.

Oakes, who never had other kids, described the moment as magical, especially as her son was more than glad to see her. She explained how he kept holding her hands and opting to call her “mom.”

 Aside from finding her son, Oakes got some added bonus. Her joy knew no bounds upon discovering she was also a grandma and great grandmother, as Cock’s daughter, Elle, recently became a mom.

Oakes’ son, who worked as a builder, introduced her to the rest of the family, who received her warmly. Divulging his feelings, Cocks said, “She’s such a lovely woman. She is going to be a big part of our family.”

The 68-year-old woman is overwhelmed by the whole experience, which she referred to as her second chance. Her only wish was not to wake up someday and realize it was all a dream.

Back in April, another mother finally found peace when she reunited with her 10-year-old daughter, Ariadney, after six years of separation.

The woman, Sonia Almendarez, was forced to flee her country to the United States for safety, leaving her youngest daughter behind. She spent years hoping for a chance to reunite with the little girl, which finally came when Ariadney made a trek north with another family.

After getting lost and spending 22 days in an immigrant detention facility, the little girl finally reunited with her mother, giving them a happy ending.

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