Mom reveals clever tool that stops babies from scratching themselves

EVER wondered if there’s a better way to trim your baby’s nails that doesn’t involve fearing if you’re going to cut them with nail clippers?

Well, this mama shared the clever tool that helped her avoid those nasty scratches on her baby.


A mom showed how she avoids her baby from scratching themselvesCredit: TikTok/babyq3444
She uses an baby electric nail grinder


She uses an baby electric nail grinderCredit: TikTok/babyq3444

Taking to social media, a mom shared the genius baby electric nail grinder she purchased to make cutting her son’s nails way easier.

In the video, she showed off the scratches that her son had done to his shoulders after a mosquito bite.

She then gently grabbed his tiny hand and trimmed his nails with the grinder.

The mom added that the grinder immediately stops when it touches the skin, to avoid any damage to babies.

She pointed out that a baby’s nails are hard and using normal clippers could actually hurt them.

Not to mention that clippers cause sharp edges on the nails which could lead to further scratches.

In another video, a dad showed how he got his newborn son to settle after relentlessly crying and not wanting to be settled.

“Save your dirty shirt from the day before,” is the caption on one Tiktok video – “it smells like you!”

Dad simply wrapped the little one in the shirt or holds it close to his face and baby is “happy because he smells momma!” 

It might sound strange that your newborn could sleep more soundly in the presence of your old clothing, but there’s a scientific basis to this hack – and the secret is in how a baby’s brain is hardwired.

Dr. Jessica Madden, a neonatalogist at a children’s hospital in Ohio, revealed to Romper that babies are capable of recognizing their mother’s scent before they are even born. 

“Their sense of smell develops early on during pregnancy, and the first smell babies are exposed to is the odor of their mothers’ amniotic fluid,” she says.

“[Within days] they recognize and prefer the smell of their own mother’s body odor and breast milk [to anyone else’s].”

Incredibly, some studies even show evidence of a pain relief effect when a baby is exposed to the scent. 

“There is pilot data showing that babies’ pain can be reduced during procedures such as drawing of a sample of blood from the heel for a newborn screen, if they smell their mothers’ amniotic fluid, hospital gown with body odor, or breast milk while the procedure is being done,” Madden continues. 

A baby associates their mother’s scent with the love and care they receive from her, so exposure to her clothing will enhance their feelings of security and ability to self-soothe – and with their eyes closed, it feels as if mom is still present with them in the room, even if she’s left. 

This genius hack could solve your sleepless nights and increase baby’s comfort and happiness – and even for kids who are a little older, the trick could work better than their comfort blanket or favorite stuffed toy.

She claimed the grinder is safer than nail clippers


She claimed the grinder is safer than nail clippersCredit: TikTok/babyq3444

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