Mom reveals why you should never give kids hard toys to play with in the car – it could save their lives

SOMETHING as wholesome as giving your child a toy car or robot while you’re stuck in traffic can actually be dangerous to their health if you’re in an accident.

Lauren Mejia, who has become famous on social media for her mom hacks, shared some of the things she wished she had known before becoming entering motherhood.

A mom shared the hacks she wished she had knows before entering motherhoodCredit: TikTok/Lauren Mejia

She claimed that hard toys could be dangerous to kids in a car accident


She claimed that hard toys could be dangerous to kids in a car accidentCredit: TikTok/Lauren Mejia

Addressing child safety, she said in a TikTok video: “The weight of an object in a crash multiples.

“If you opt to give your child a toy in a car, avoid hard rattles or cars and go for a softer toy.”

Additionally, when buckling in your child to their car seat, she said to “always do the bottom buckles first in a car seat – when doing chest clips first, a ton of slack can be hidden around the legs.”

And in yet another life-saving tip, Mejia warned against sticking your fingers or hitting your baby’s back when they’re choking as this could be worse.

Instead, “place your baby over the knee and give five back blows to dislodge the object.”

Mejia has been all about sharing life-saving hacks as she had suggested skipping out on the blue and green swimsuits when buying one for your children in a previous video.

She claimed that these types of colors are harder to see under the water, which could make it hard for a parent or lifeguard to spot if a child is drowning or has gone underwater.

She even gave a demonstration where, indeed, dark blue swimsuits were almost impossible to see when looking into a pool.

Instead, she claimed that neon colors are a better choice, showing off a bright orange shirt.

She suggested opting for soft toys


She suggested opting for soft toysCredit: TikTok/Lauren Mejia

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