Mom shows how she protects her toddler from possible head injuries with the use of a ‘ridiculous’ gadget

AMONG many of the stresses that come with having a baby or a toddler is worrying if and when they might get hurt.

Accidents can happen at any time, either at grandma’s house as they begin to take their first steps or at daycare when they’re playing with other babies.


A mom showed the helmet she makes her son wear so he doesn’t get hurtCredit: shelbylatimer19/TikTok
The helmet protected him from any head injuries


The helmet protected him from any head injuriesCredit: shelbylatimer19/TikTok

A mom has shared the way she ensures that her son doesn’t get any head injuries as he learns how to walk and stand up on his own.

Introducing, a baby helmet or a bumper bonnet, like the one bought by Shelby Ivany.

Dubbing it as one of the “most ridiculous things she bought for her baby,” the devoted mom showed a video of her son using it as he played with his toys.

In the video, her son was a little off-balance before he was startled by his dad who had called out to him.

When the tot turned his head to look and tried to take a step forward, he tumbled to the ground on his side.

The cushioned helmet helped him avoid any injuries as he hit his head with the toy and then the ground.

Had he not had the helmet on, he would have gotten hurt as he landed on top of a wooden toy.

Following Shelby uploading her video, the Jolly Jumper Bumper Bonett sold out immediately on Amazon.

Many of the moms who bought the helmet also left raving reviews, with one dad writing: “My son has started walking extremely early. He is ten months old now and has been standing and walking for almost 2 full months and has bumped his head on just about everything!

“Both my wife and I spent a night in the hospital because my son was practicing his standing, holding himself up on the ottoman to our chair. He lost his balance and fell cracking his head on the corner of our coffee table in the living room which happened to be nearby. He hit his temple leaving a baseball-sized welt on his temple which also swelled.

“He screamed in agony so we took him to the hospital and ended up spending all night there just to make sure he was o.k and no concussion. Needless to say, this little bumper Bonnet has saved us many gray hairs since then and most importantly protected our little guy’s head!”

The bumper bonnet is now sold out


The bumper bonnet is now sold outCredit: shelbylatimer19/TikTok

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