Monica Lewinsky Reveals Her “Greatest Regret” Ahead Of The Upcoming Fx Drama

Monica Lewinsky recently had a moment of reflection about her past when she was in an interview in the weeks before the premiere launch of the FX drama “Impeachment: American Crime Story.” It is no doubt that her name has been tarnished ever since the news of the American president Bill Clinton’s affair broke out. However, she has remained resolute in her mission to leave behind a better legacy for her name. Monika Lewinsky was also never one to back down from the tough questions and always present her truth. 

Monika Lewinsky reveals her “greatest regret” in the interview mentioned above when asked the question. She became candid for a few moments and replied, stating that she regretted that some of her life’s choices had caused a great deal of harm, hurt, and suffering to others. It is not the first time the infamous White House intern has spoken in such a fashion. When asked about the affair in a past interview, she had openly stated that she deeply and truly regretted her relationship with the president.

The Bill Clinton – Monica Lewinsky Affair

Monika Lewinsky was a 21-year old intern at the White House when her relationship with the president led to their affair. The revelation of their affair was one stone on a path that led to the then-President Bill Clinton getting impeached in the house. It was this scandal that she was referencing when Monika Lewinsky revealed her greatest regret.  

What Monika Lewinsky values in friends

In the Vanity Fair Question and Answer session, Monika Lewinsky reveals her “greatest regret,” she also revealed what she valued in friends. She said that friends who were compassionate and had wisdom and wit were extremely valuable to her. She also threw shade at the Linda Tripp Phone recordings that caused the affair to be revealed by sarcastically stating that she valued friends who did not record or tap phone conversations. 

Using Humor as a defense mechanism

When quizzed about what she considered her life’s greatest achievement, she replied that her ability to survive while retaining her sense of humor and still having the will to open her heart was something she took a great deal of pride in.  She had always used humor as a defense mechanism to lessen the impact of the toxicity of the internet and social media. Often she would make light-hearted, self-deprecating jokes about her situation to make the whole incident more digestible.  


Monica Lewinsky: The Anti-Bullying activist

Ever since the scandal that almost brought down the presidency, Monika Lewinsky has been an active voice for the Anti-bullying campaign. She has put herself in the public eye as a motivational speaker in the hopes of negating the bullies that wreak havoc in schools, society, and the internet. She said that she treasured “mental health,” and her work in helping kids find that treasure is a testament to that. 

Upcoming FX drama Impeachment: American Crime Story

The Interview in which Monika Lewinsky reveals her “greatest regret” also discussed her involvement as a producer for the upcoming FX drama Impeachment: American Crime Story. She had signed on as producer of the miniseries, which has Ryan Murphy as executive producer. She said that Ryan Murphy had come to her at a Hollywood party in 2019 and said that no one else but herself should be allowed to tell her story and had claimed that he wanted “her to make all the money.” The show itself is set to premiere in September. 

She confessed that she was hesitant initially, but when she saw Ryan’s vision to give a fair voice to the marginalized, she was up for the task. She stated that she considered it a privilege to work with him and the other crew and cast members and that this too was a unique opportunity for growth.   

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