Monopoly’s ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Version of the Timeless Board Game Stuns The Netizens!!

It’s official. Besides being an Emmy-winning comedy series, the beloved “Schitt’s Creek” has now been made into a classic board game. 

Fans of the successful Canadian comedy show “Schitt’s Creek” might have been sad when the show ended after six seasons. However, they can now revisit the show in a newly released board game.

The timeless board game Monopoly released a “Schitt’s Creek” version of the game. The show’s official Instagram page announced the exciting news on Thursday, October 7, 2021.

The page shared a collection of close-up shots from the game, which showed a few of the show’s iconic locations, including The Rosebud Motel, Rose Apothecary, Bob’s Garage, and Town Hall.

The first photo in the post featured Catherine O’Hara as her character Moira Rose reciting a line from the show, which was aptly suited for the Monopoly announcement, as the character said:

“They would have a virtual monopoly on this town.”

The “Schitt’s Creek” Monopoly can be purchase from The Op Games website and is currently retailing at $39.99. Besides the unique locations, the game has a few other “Schitt’s Creek” customizations.

The 16 Chance Card was renamed “HELLO YOU,” while the Community Cards were suitably renamed “LOVE THAT JOURNEY FOR ME.” Both of which are iconic lines from the TV series.

If fans of the beloved show… need a different kind of immersive “Schitt’s Creek” experience, there is a replicate of a Rosebud Motel room.

Instead of the game’s classic Homes and Hotels, game players have the opportunity to purchase Improvements and Renovations with their colorful custom monopoly money.

The game tokens are also customized to the show and feature a Rosebud Motel key, David’s sunglasses, one of Moira’s wings, a “Bébé” crow, Ted the Turtle, and Patrick’s guitar pick.

The Monopoly set looks like it will be a hit among the show’s fans as many of its viewers commented on the announcement and shared their excitement for its release.

However, if fans of the beloved show and its cast of eccentric characters need a different kind of immersive “Schitt’s Creek” experience, there is a replicate of a Rosebud Motel room they can visit.

The replica is at the Lucky Rabbit flea market in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The store allows guests to explore the room for free, take pictures, and look at items such as Moira’s vanity and other memorabilia from the award-winning show.

The show was created by father and son duo Dan and Eugene Levy and it won a whopping nine Emmys for its final season. The cast reunited at this year’s award ceremony to present two awards in the comedy category.



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