‘Moonfaced’ Tom Cruise’s Unrecognizable Face Worrying Doctors?

Has Tom Cruise overdone it with the cosmetic treatments? One tabloid claims the Mission: Impossible star is looking plumper from “Botox overkill and a grueling work schedule”. Here’s what we know.

Tom Cruise’s Face ‘A Wreck’ From ‘Botox Overkill’?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Tom Cruise is looking a bit rounder around the edges thanks to too much work and too many cosmetic fillers. While filming a particularly brutal scene that involved parachuting out of a chopper, Cruise apparently shocked onlookers with his swollen mug. “His eyes appear to be pretty fatigued,” a plastic surgeon who hasn’t treated Cruise informs the tabloid. “He looks older than he’s ever looked — and it looks like he’s gained a lot of weight.”

Another plastic surgeon interjects that Cruise’s face has “more of a square look,” making him suspect he’s had work done in the lower part of his face. “His eyebrows are also a little on the low side, which indicated he could have had Botox in his forehead as well.” The outlet notes that Cruise’s unrelenting work schedule has started to wear away at his looks. “He has a pillow face,” adds a third plastic surgeon. “His face looks plumper. Fillers often cause that,” a fourth doctor finally remarks.

Doctors Worry Tom Cruise’s ‘Nips/Tucks Have Gone Too Far’?

This entire story is based on a single photo of Cruise with a helmet on. From the looks of it, the helmet was pressing into his cheeks a bit, giving his jaw the discussed “square” look. Besides, even if Cruise looked majorly different, these doctors haven’t treated Cruise. As much as the tabloid pretends to have some magical insight into the star’s health and personal life, it falls short of making any meaningful observation by relentlessly insulting him.

Furthermore, the tabloid never fully commits to a theory about what exactly is different about Cruise. Does Cruise never get a day off? Or is he taking the time out in between shoots to undergo a laundry list of cosmetic procedures? This story just doesn’t make sense. Obviously, the tabloid got some unflattering photos of Cruise and decided to run with a whole story about how he’s falling apart at the seams. We’re sure the actor is doing just fine, and this report was just a bunch of speculative nonsense. He apparently sounded and looked as enthusiastic as ever in a recent surprise appearance, which makes any fears for his well-being look silly.

The Tabloid On Plastic Surgery

This isn’t the first time the Globe has blown a celebrities’ cosmetic work way out of proportion. Not too long ago, the magazine reported Goldie Hawn had “ruined” her face with too much plastic surgery. Then the outlet claimed Julianne Hough had “totally gone overboard” with plastic surgery. Then the magazine alleged “fish-faced” Courteney Cox was unrecognizable after ruining her looks. Clearly, the Globe can’t be trusted on the subject of celebrity looks.


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