Morgan Wade Tried Out For ‘The Voice’ And Didn’t Make It, Further Proving These Shows Are Worthless

While I don’t think it’s intentional, the portrayal by huge (or at least they used to be huge) TV Shows like American Idol and The Voice that what is needed to succeed is a nod from Hollywood and a reality show is proven more asinine by the day.

To start, the viewership of the show has fallen off dramatically in recent years, as people are more aware of the overarching theme of “fake” those “contests” have built into the structure.

A shocking lack of lasting stars over the many years that both of the programs have been around is another obvious fault.

Yes, I understand there are some huge names that have come from the shows, particularly in country with Carrie Underwood, Morgan Wallen and Scotty McCreery coming immediately to mind, but so so many of the winners and fan favorites turned out to be flashes in the pan, or a person that filled the roll being promoted by the show at the time and never turn out to have the connection with any actual fanbase to continue their success past a year or so.

Maybe the greater lesson in that is it takes more than a couple months of singing cover songs to “judges” to build a brand and discover yourself as an artists, not just a glorified karaoke singer, but I digress…

But the third reasons these shows are being proved to not have much validity are the artists that don’t make it who go on to have careers that many winners never come close too.

Blake Shelton was very open when he called Luke Combs rejection by The Voice “Embarrassing”.  Maren Morris was rejected by both The Voice and American Idol and Mickey Guyton was also cut from American Idol.

And now we learn that Morgan Wade, one of the best things to happen to country music (in my, and many others, opinion, of course) didn’t make The Voice.


You want someone with character? A good backstory? Unique voice? Fantastic songwriting? I mean, what more could you want?

She’s obviously has set herself up for an insane amount of success without the show, and honestly it’s probably a good thing she had time to truly find herself and develop a fanbase, but it’s still outrageous.

If these “experts” were actually experts, they should have seen what Morgan could bring to the table and built her up to where she is now, but hey, it all worked out in the end for her.

It does make me question how many people with talent that just needed some time to develop have taken a rejection from one of these shows too far and stopped pursuing their dream. The thought of that makes me sad, but at least Morgan didn’t.

And thank God for that.

Enjoy my favorite unreleased song by her…

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