Moriah Plath Makes DRASTIC Change To Hair, Feels Wild & Free

Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath has totally transformed her look with a fresh haircut and color. After leaving her parents’ home, she has the chance to change up her look, and she’s taking advantage of the opportunity. She took to social media to show off her new look, and fans are totally blown away by the transformation. So, what did Moriah have done to her hair this time around?

Moriah Plath debuts her fresh cut and color.

In a new Instagram post, Moriah shares a few selfies she took, as well as a couple of photos her boyfriend Max Kallschmidt took of her. She writes, “Wild, crazy and free💖💜” She also adds #IHadTo, #Freedom, and #NewHairWhosThis.

In the photos, Moriah is wearing a leopard print crop top with matching bottoms. She looks happy and confident as she shows off her brand new hair color. She also revealed the name of the stylist who colored her hair for her.

Previously, the TLC star had long blonde hair. In March, she dyed part of her hair black so it was peeking out under her blonde hair, as you can see in this photo. This time, however, she went a little bit further this time with a pink-purple color. She also ended up chopping off several inches.

Moriah Plath Instagram

Welcome to Plathville fans react to her new look.

In response to Moriah’s new post about her hair color, she’s getting lots of love. Fans are obsessed with the new color, and they think it looks great on her. One fan writes, “I love watching you blossom 😍” Others point out that they’re glad she is finding out who she is and making decisions for herself. Someone else chimes in, “YAAAAAAASSSS LIVE YOUR FREE LIFE. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!”

Some fans, however, don’t like it so much. They are commenting, hoping that it’s a wig. Some are saying they thought her long, blonde hair looked better. Of course, there’s no way Moriah can please everyone. What’s most important is that she looks pleased with her transformation, and she seems to be proud to show it off.

So, what do you think of Moriah Plath’s brand new look? Do you like that she’s doing her own thing now and becoming who she really wants to be? Let us know in the comments below.

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You can see Moriah’s transformation here.

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