Most Shocking ‘the Walking Dead’ Deaths: Major TWD Deaths Ranked

  • There have been more than 60 significant deaths on “The Walking Dead” since it premiered in 2010.
  • Insider ranked the most shocking major deaths on the zombie drama.
  • Beth’s is easily the one that caught us off guard the most. Abraham and Hershel also top our list.
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“The Walking Dead” has said goodbye to most of its original cast, as well as dozens of new favorites since its start in 2010.

While the actors behind many of these roles may have moved on, the fandom still feels the effects of some of their brutal and shocking departures. Insider has gone through every big death on “The Walking Dead” and ranked the series’ most shocking deaths.

Our list starts with some of the more insignificant characters whose deaths may have been unexpected but who you had little attachment to, before building all the way up to the ones that really made you jump back in your seat and clasp your mouth. 

Keep reading to see the worst deaths on “The Walking Dead” so far, ranked by shock value. 

Amy Daire contributed to a previous version of this story.

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